Teens impregnated by priests

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Teens raped & impregnated by priests

   In this book you learn about Teens raped and impreganted by priests, priests and dioceses that paid for and/or kept records of abortions of kids raped by priests. You learn about children of Catholic priests, kids who were raped by priests and contracted AIDS as a result. You’ll learn about parents and friends of kids whose priests abused their children then murdered them. And, if that’s not enough, you’ll also learn about Catholic ritual abuse and Catholic Satanic abuse.
This is a shocking book. You’ll learn about a priest who raped a 12-year-old, who gave birth to his baby...

...a priest who raped an 11-year-old girl then took her to have an abortion, & who molested in a confessional then arranged a gang rape of a 5th grade girl ...

...a priest raping a 14-year-old girl after her grandfather’s funeral, tying her to a bed and photographing her
(put ‘Omemaga’ in search engine at bishopaccountability.org, when you get to this page, it's the 3rd reference down (or close-by)

...a priest putting a teen-age boy into s&m bondage and video-taping him,

...a priest rapes a 12-year-old girl, impregnates her and she bears his child

...a diocese that pays for the abortions of the girls that their priests rape.

   And then, you’ll look at a list of accused predator priests in each State in the Union & the bishops in each State who let accused priests work.
   You’ll learn how 10 States are agreeing in bipartisan legislatures to pass new laws to help sexually abused children fight back.
And, now you can grasp the whole problem:
   1. sexual abuse of children by Priests and Nuns includes premeditated, rape, sharing of victims, gang-rape, pimping of children, intercourse with children by priests & nuns, priests & dioceses that pay for abortions, ritual abuse & satanic abuse – it is NOT just ‘inappropriate touching’

   2: although the Vatican as a sovereign country has diplomatic immunity & can’t be forced to turn over records to police, you can ask your State & Federal legislators to change the statutes of limitation laws to allow childhood sexual abuse survivors the opportunity to be publicly heard ... & you can show them this website &/or forward the website url to them.

   3. We can protect children by sharing what we learned this week w/friends, childhood sexual abuse is a public health crises & has reached epidemic proportions.