Public health crises

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Premises of a Public Health Crises:
The Rape of our Children

   In Portland, Oregon, there are six new lawsuits against the Catholic Church. Two are in relation to accusations made against nuns. Kelly Clark is a lawyer who specialises in sexual abuse cases in the state, "I have more resistance these days from religious orders involving nuns, more denial, than I have from any archdiocese or any religious order involving priests." Nuns are 10-to-15 years behind the rest of the church in their attitude to dealing with accusations of abuse.
Sex abuse by nuns: the unknown story, by Christopher Landau, BBC News, Oct. 2, 2007 

   Today in America there are psychologists, journalists, filmmakers, detectives, policemen, parents, politicians -- and survivors of childhood sexual abuse, now grown up ... trying to protect our children from predators.
   Most Catholics are in denial of the severity of the problem and how widespread it is. 
Other Catholics are in a quandary trying to find safe Catholic Schools. A major of priests with Papal immunity, literally thousands of priests, are implicated at Nuns, as well, prey upon children. A minority of Rabbis are perps, Boy Scout leaders have recently been in the press. Adult authority figures that deal with troubled kids are named as well, from sports coaches to guidance counselors.

There are haunting film vignettes on the internet. This trailer is dynamite -- Deliver Us From Evil, the first feature length documentary film about predator priest cover-ups.

BBC's, Sex Crimes & the Vatican, opens and concludes with an interview of a priest who molested 200 kids telling how he’d seduce children, the most watched internet film in Italy, called: Sex, Crimes, & the Vatican -- documenting predator priests being smuggled around to avoid arrest.

There are thousands and thousands of stories, because there are tens of thousands of children that have been raped and sodomized by priests and nuns -- in premediated, serial fashion. Not only in the United States and Great Britain and Ireland ... but in every country in the world. Scandals are now appearing daily for the first time in Mexico, and the Hispanic and Latino countries, which are predominantly Catholic. (We look at this.)
   Yet, the Vatican will not take responsibility to stop it. In fact, there is a Vatican degree that states if any Catholic priest or parishioner even talks about the sexual abuse of children by clergy, they can be excommunicated. (We look at this, too.)

   Sexual abuse of children exists. Can people stop it? Yes. Step 1 is speaking out. Step 2 is knowing it hasn’t stopped, it’s going as you read these words. Encourage your State legislators to enact your State’s ‘window of opportunity for statute of limitations extensions for victims of childhood sexual abuse’.